About Us

"Committed to ending the cycle of violence and to empowering women and children who are victims of violence."

Interval House of Ottawa is a not-for-profit, safe haven for women and their children fleeing violence. We are the longest running home for abused women in Ottawa, first opening our doors in 1976. A dedicated group of strong women opened our doors to women in need more than 35 years ago. July 5th, 1976 marked the first official day that Interval House of Ottawa, a 4-bedroom home furnished with donated items, was in operation. The organization was founded thanks to a devoted group of volunteers that gained quick support from community agencies such as the Elizabeth Fry Society and Family Services Ottawa. Today, that home has grown to a 30-bed safe space for women and their children fleeing inequitable and intolerable domestic abuse.

Interval House of Ottawa is a loving, sunny place. Some days there are tears and some days there is laughter and on most days there is both.  Most of all Interval House of Ottawa is a place where families in transition—from all faiths and ethnicities—can build lasting friendships and feel safe, secure and supported.


Interval House of Ottawa is committed to ending the cycle of violence and to empowering women and children who are victims of violence.  We provide emergency shelter for women and their children fleeing abusive relationships, and offer crisis intervention and prevention services, advocacy for victims, and education about violence for both victims of violence and the community at large.

Organizational Structure

Interval House of Ottawa is a non-profit organization run by a compassionate and dedicated staff team under the direction of a dynamic Board of Directors. Interval House of Ottawa’s Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers that focus their time on finance, policy development and response to local and provincial violence against women issues. Members of the Board of Directors are skilled and educated in managing the best possible environment to help abused women and their children overcome their unique challenges. If you are interested in joining our Board, please contact us to see if we are a good fit for you.

Our Vision For the Future
At Interval House of Ottawa, we envision a world where violence is eradicated. We want to see the need for safe homes eliminated. We want to be part of a society where familial and romantic partners treat each other with dignity, respect and compassion; where conflict and anger are expressed in non-violent ways; where oppression is replaced with equality; and where children grow up secure in environments that encourage the values of truth, diversity and cooperation. We believe in the power of humankind to achieve these goals, and that it is society’s role to set in motion the attitudes and behaviour that will eventually replace the cycle of abuse with one of respect and caring.