Residential Program

"This place makes me feel like a whole person again and I’m finding myself." -Survivor

A woman’s first contact with Interval House of Ottawa is usually through the Residential Program. This program is responsible for running the crisis line and welcoming our residents to our home. The Residential Program is staffed 24/7 to provide crisis counselling. The residential staff is ready to listen and provide information to any woman seeking help. The crisis line can link callers to other services so that referrals can be made immediately to appropriate community resources if necessary. If you want to contact a crisis counsellor, call 613.234.5181.

Our in-house residential program, with its comprehensive approach to the healing process, is more than just a safe haven from abusive partners–it is a stepping-stone for personal growth.

The program offers:

  • In-house meetings that give you input into some of the activities at the house
  • Women’s groups and communal activities (such as painting, yoga, etc.) that can help you to not only understand your individual trauma, but also to relate to other women and unite as a group
  • A variety of seminar-style workshops on topics such as legal aid and job training, budgeting, and healthy meal preparation that can ease the daunting task of starting a new life
  • Cultural celebrations that educate and encourage diversity
  • A committed staff that can act as a liaison to community services such as immigration, legal or counselling services.